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Memberships run from August 1st through July 31st of the following year to encompass the academic sports year.**

Membership includes:

    • Email newsletters regarding club news and events
    • Gameday parties at watch-sites for all Huskers football games
    • Discounts at our watch-sites all year
    • Invitations to Huskers N Arizona parties and events
    • Membership directory with special discounts from our preferred advertisers
    • Networking with other Husker-values businesses
    **Members who join after the end of the football season, for example: join in January 2021 (after any Husker Bowl game) and your membership will automatically be extended to July 31 of the following year, e.g. July 31, 2022
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    If your record is not found, try to use the same email address you used to join (It might be your spouse’s email). If that doesn’t work, please sign up as a new member.