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DONATIONS are the pride of Husker Nation. Your Husker spirit, through financial support of Huskers N Arizona, is greatly appreciated. We give our wholehearted thanks for your sharing.  Please chose an amount and category from the drop-down list below.  Or you can send in a check with a note designating how to use.

General donations will go toward various different areas of the Huskers N Arizona organization, such as subsidizing events for members, website, advertising, etc.

Specific goes towards a designated fundraising drive, such as our Charlie McBride scholarship fund.  Right now our only “Specific” is the Charlie McBride Scholarship Fund, but may occasionally support other worthy causes. Thanks to your generosity, in the past few years, we have been able to grant two $1,000 scholarships to UNL students each year.

TheCharlie McBride Scholarship Fundwas set up in 2010. At that time, Charlie McBride was the retired Defensive Coordinator for the Husker Blackshirts under Tom Osborne. Until recently, he lived in Arizona and was an active member and honorary Board Member of Huskers N Arizona.  The scholarship program is still in his name, and Huskers N Arizona is still dedicated to help our non-profit group raise money for college scholarships to the University of Nebraska for deserving individuals. In 2020, we donated $5,000 in scholarships to deserving students. We are confident that when the worst of covid is over, our membership will swell back to our pre-covid levels of over 300 members, and we’ll be able to resume our scholarship donations.

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